Life science or medical companies, importers or distributors in the southern hemisphere are mostly small and medium sized companies. To keep import costs on a reasonable level, it is important to consolidate scientific goods from different sources in Europe before shipping them.

Seafront Biotech is your logistics support in Europe.
A growing life science sector implies more and more scientific and commercial networking on an international level. Suitable partners have to be identified, agreements need to be negotiated, cooperation needs to be planned.

Seafront Biotech is your management support in Europe.
Product scouting
Many universities and institutes in the southern hemisphere are allowed to import scientific goods directly and free of import taxes from international suppliers. We know the European suppliers landscape very well and help to identify the best and most reliable offers.

Seafront Biotech is your product scout in Europe.
Do you want to add general labware to your European purchase?

Institutes, universities or biotech companies which consolidate their European purchase at Seafront Biotech can add general labware from our webshop. More than 5000 articles are available, mainly European brands of consumables, glassware and instrumentation.